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It’s time for our FIRST Madison Beer Giveaway!

It’s an honor to be the very first to do a Madison Beer’s Giveaway EVER! And for this, your gift will be the Brian Lichtenberg Féline Tee. Madison owns this very cute shirt as you can see on her Instagram. This shirt was one of the most liked/reblogged posts on this blog, so why not choose it to give it to you?

How can I enter? 

1) Follow this blog is indispensable!

2) Like AND reblog this post

3) For more chances to win follow my personal tumblr: and instagram: @barbarawirtz

It is necessary that you have a tumblr page to like/reblog this post.

AND THAT’S IT! In this very first time there will be ONE very lucky winner. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator. 

You can enter until 05/25/14 - May 25. And this contest is open to all countries.

If you wanna buy this very cute shirt yourself, you can get the link here. (Value of the shirt is $61 without taxes and shipping).

I will post on May 26 the winner of this giveaway and also will contact you by message here on Tumblr.


Barbara xx

Only this week, guys!

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You’re my favorite reason to lose sleep.

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this pic honestly says it all


I don’t know what I expected

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fun fact: you have more of a chance of marrying your favourite band member than you do of winning the lottery and if that didn’t brighten up your day then what will

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im already annoyed about school and i havent even gone back yet

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imagine how radical being a pet fish is like youre just swimming around and suddenly it starts raining food

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